Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Got Flags???

Selling my all aluminum 3 pole and 5 pole flag pole holders.  I started making these because in the 2004 timeframe because I couldn't find a good solid flag pole holder that I wanted to use on the front of our Airstream travel trailer / RV.  So, my dad and I designed the first 3 pole holder.  We then made a 5 pole holder.  I like seeing the flags flying at the campground, rallies, or even in Parades.  These are solid aluminum, professionally welded and hold 1" flag poles.  Comes non polished but these polish up nicely if you desire the polished look.  Heavy duty.  Easy to mount.  I don't Pre-drill these - the 4 holes for mounting to your hitch jack post is something you will have to do, and then mounting using u bolts or muffler clamps - I recommend stainless. 

These would be perfect for flying flags at sporting events /  tailgaters, at NASCAR races, in parades, parties, at farmer's markets, really, any event where you want to be noticed.  They are perfect for 3x5 flags, or you could fly smaller ones if you'd like, or go bigger!! It's up to whatever you want.  With the solid aluminum back plate, you can mount just about anywhere you want.

Order here;


3 pole holders - $95 plus shipping and handling fee of $15


5 pole holders - $110 plus a shipping and handling fee of $30 (due to size)


 7 pole holders - $130 plus $40 shipping (these are larger and heavier).


The shipping and handling is for Priority mail within the continental U.S.  If outside the U.S, please contact me at Airstreamnut@gmail.com for a shipping and handling cost.  S&H costs are actual costs by USPS.

See some of the flag pole holders in photos below.

Above is a photo with the 5 pole holders (left) and 3 pole holders (right)
 Above photo is the 5 pole holder mounted to our hitch jack.  Required 4 holes (2 of 2) for a u-bolt to be used to connect the holder to the hitch jack.

 5 flags flying with 5 pole holder

 Side shot of how holder is attached to hitch jack

 Yes, I fly 7 flags with my custom made 7 pole holder.  The 7 pole is now being offered.  Thanks for considering a flag pole holder from Rob - appreciate the visit!

Here is what one customer has done with his flag pole holder:

 A 5 pole holder all polished up.

Now that's a nice Silver Streak and one nice looking flag pole holder.

For poles, I use the 8-12' painter poles that are 1" in diameter from Lowe's. 

Lowes' pole is their Blue Hawk Brand #06034. Aluminun, fluted casing, Chinese made. You will need to knock the blue handle off the end, most easily using a heat gun or steamer to heat the grip and then pull it off.

Also, you can get MrLongArm #9272 poles too.  These are Aluminum, smooth casing, USA made in Missouri. Check Aubuchon, Menards, TrueValue, even the mom/pop hardware stores.